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In our office, if possible, we like to first set an appointment with the potential client, and/or family members.  When we meet, we like to have gathered and reviewed as much information about the case, or potential case, as possible.  That includes arrest affidavits and other police reports, if available.  We also want to see any documents dealing with relevant searches, especially the items that may have been seized.

There are several reasons and goals for this initial interview.  First of all, of course, we want to get to know the client, the family, and the facts surrounding the case.  This is important because, if we are retained, we will need to have some idea of the client's personality, and an ability to estimate how the client will react to what may well be some very stressful situations.

We charge $100 for the initial interview.

In most cases, the interview lasts at least an hour.  In some cases, it takes considerably longer.

Why do we charge for the initial interview?

We try very hard to be worth the money that we charge.  We don't want the interview to be rushed.  We are getting to know you, and you are getting to know us.  We want to answer as many of your questions as possible about what will take place during the time the case is pending.  We want you to feel comfortable about our ability, our experience, our knowledge of the law, and any other questions that you may have.  We will do our best to quote you a fee before the end of the interview, once we have determined how complex the case appears to be.  The answer to that question is not always obvious.

No Guarantees.

However, we always try to make sure that, whatever the ultimate outcome, you will feel that we have done our best for you.  We want you to understand the situation, and you have the best information with which to make the important decisions to come.  However, in these situations, no honest lawyer can make you any kind of a guarantee.
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